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Regina Fasold received Storm-Preis der Stadt Husum

Jury honours outstanding Storm researcher for her services

The literary scholar Regina Fasold has been awarded the 2022 Theodor-Storm-Preis der Stadt Husum. With this award, the jury honours the life’s work of an important personality in international Storm research. Fasold’s editorial achievements were highlighted, especially the bridal correspondence between Theodor Storm and Constanze Esmarch, published in 2002. Currently, Fasold is devoting herself to Storm’s correspondence with his parents during his exile in Potsdam and Heiligenstadt between 1853 and 1864. The text corpus includes not only more than ninety letters written by the poet himself, but also numerous letters written by his wife Constanze, his mother Lucie and some letters written by his father Johann Casimir. An extensive commentary explains the social, historical-political, literary-historical and family contexts.

As early as the 1980s, Fasold devoted herself to researching the life and work of Theodor Storm as part of her lecturing activities at the University of Leipzig. In 2003, she took over the management of the “Literaturmuseum Theodor Storm” in Heilbad Heiligenstadt, which became a widely respected institution in the 15 years of her work.

The Theodor-Storm-Preis is awarded every four years by the city of Husum. It is endowed with 8,200 euros. The jury consists of the mayor and the mayor representative of the city of Husum, the chairman of the committee for schools, culture, and sports, as well as the president and the secretary of the Theodor Storm Society.

The last prize winners were the Hamburg director Frank Düwel in 2018, the FAZ journalist and author Tilman Spreckelsen in 2014, the writer Jochen Missfeldt and the literary scholar Christian Demandt in 2010.

The award ceremony took place on Saturday, September 10, 2022, during the Storm conference at the Husum Handwerkerhaus, Süderstraße 97.