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Markt 9

Storm was born on September 14, 1817 in Markt 9, which his father, the lawyer Johann Casimir Storm, had bought the year before.

The simple two-storey house was in the city center, which consisted mostly of patrician houses. The house looked rather bourgeois. This was also the reason why its facade was redesigned in 1868 in the spirit of historicism, “upgraded”, and later changed several times. The original style of the facade has not survived; a reconstruction, probably from around 1900, comes close to its original appearance. (Illustration: View by Jan Hamkens, 1863–1918.)

The house is the setting for Theodor Storm’s novella Drüben am Markt (1861), it is the home of the “doctor”, the tailor’s son, who unsuccessfully asks for the hand of the daughter of a wealthy merchant and second mayor.

Theodor Storm only lived in the house for a few months, in 1818 Johann Casimir Storm bought the Neustadt 56 building, which the family moved into and lived in until 1821.

Theodor Storm’s mother Lucie Storm came from the Husum patrician family Woldsen. After Simon Woldsen, Lucie Storm’s father and Theodor Storm’s grandfather, died in 1820, the family moved in with grandmother Magdalena Woldsen in the house Hohle Gasse 3 the following year. Storm later moved back to Neustadt 56 (1845–1853)

Text by Holger Borzikowsky (1947–2015)
Translation by Bjarne Albertsen