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Retierement in Hademarschen

1880 – Relocation to Hademarschen. New construction of a spacious villa. Novella Die Söhne des Senators.

1881 – Storm writes to Gottfried Keller: “The ‘novella’ is the strictest and most closed form of prose poetry, the sister of drama.” (14.8.1881)

1881/1882 – With his stories, Der Herr Etatsrat and Hans and Heinz Kirch, Storm continues the criticism of the bourgeoisie of the early days and addresses the decline of the family.

1884 – Novella Zur Chronik von Grieshuus.Festive banquet in Berlin in honor of Storm.

1885 – Novellas John Riew’ and Ein Fest auf Haderslevhuus.

1886 – Trip to Weimar for the annual meeting of the Goethe-Society. Novellas Ein Doppelgänger and Bötjer Basch. Storm starts working on The Dykemaster. Severe illness.

1887 – Novella Ein Bekenntnis. Trip to Sylt. Sylter Novelle (Fragment). To celebrate his 70th birthday, the poet is honored across Germany.

1888The Dykemaster is finished. Storm dies on July 4th. Burial on July 7th in the family crypt at the St. Jürgen cemetery in Husum.